Device & Download FAQ

DO NOT attempt to download the eBook directly to your iPad! Downloading directly to eReader devices such as the iPad is NOT supported. You MUST follow the instructions, step by step, to first download the eBook to your computer, and then sync it to your eReader device.

What reading devices can I use? Which version should I download? 

The version that will work best for you depends on what type of device you have:

The device you have… The version you want… Notes
iPad / iPhone / iPod touch Enhanced EPUB iBooks has the best support for all the enhanced functionality in the Yoga Resource Practice Manual, so we recommend downloading the book onto your computer—and using it in the free desktop eReader app, Calibre  and transferring the book onto an iPad or iPhone—via iTunes sync. iBooks is available as a free download through iTunes if it is not already pre-loaded onto your device.
Laptop / Desktop Enhanced EPUB There are many free eBook readers for computers, but one of the best is Calibre, which is available for free here. View the video content in the eBook via links to our youtube channel.
Kindle Fire MOBI Kindle has a unique format called MOBI. Unfortunately, Kindle Fire does not yet support enhanced eBooks (video and audio content), but you can access the missing video content on our youtube channel.
Kindle e-Ink MOBI Kindle has a unique format called MOBI. e-Ink devices can’t play multimedia, but you can access the missing video content on our youtube channel.
Nook N.A. The Yoga Resource Practice Manual eBook is currently unavailable for Nook devices. Please download the Enhanced EPUB file for laptops and desktops and use it in Calibre.

How do I transfer downloaded files to my eReader?

To download & transfer to your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

  1. Download the Enhanced EPUB file to your computer (note the default download location so you know where to retrieve the file later). If you are having trouble using the download links, try right+click (windows) or control+click (Mac OS) and then select “download linked file” (or similar). Choose a download location.
  2. Connect your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch to your computer using the device’s USB cord.
  3. Open iTunes and select or iPad/iPhone in the upper right corner. Then select “on this iPad” (again in the upper right. DO NOT drag and drop the file and DO NOT try to use Calibre to sync your iPad. Go to the file menu and select “add to library,” then navigate to the file “Yoga_Resource_Practice_Manual.epub” in the location on your computer. Sync your device. For more information on that process, click here.
  4. Open iBooks on your device and select the Yoga Resource Practice Manual ebook. Please allow a few minutes to copy, and then a few minutes to load.  Once complete, it will be available for use inside iBooks.

Note: You must use the computer / version of iTunes that is linked to your device.

Powerusers might like to try using the free utilities Fileapp and Diskaid.

To download & open on your computer with Calibre

  1. Download the Enhanced EPUB file to your computer (note the default download location so you know where to retrieve the file later, or if you lose the file, search your system for this exact filename (without the quotes): “Yoga_Resource_Practice_Manual”
  2. Download and install the appropriate Calibre eReader desktop application for your computer system, and open the program (for a full demo on how to set up the program click here).
  3. In the Calibre program, click the large red “Add Books” button in the upper left corner of the window.
  4. Select the Enhanced EPUB file (“Yoga_Resource_Practice_Manual.epub”) from the location on your computer and press “Open.” DO NOT try to double click the file. It will not work. The eBook will be listed in the main library window.
  5. Either double-click the name of the eBook in the library list, or select the book and click “View.” You will see another window appear with the word “loading.” When you see the book cover, you have successfully loaded the Practice Manual to Calibre.

For more information and to download Calibre, click here.

To download & transfer to your Kindle

  1. Download the MOBI file to your computer.
  2. Connect your Kindle to your computer using the Kindle’s USB cord. (You may need to purchase a compatible USB cable to sync your device with your computer.)
  3. Open the Kindle drive once your computer recognizes the device. You will see several folders for the device, one of which will be named “documents.” Transfer the downloaded MOBI file into this folder.
  4. Safely eject your Kindle from your computer and unplug the USB cable. The eBook will need to process for a few minutes, then your content will be available on the Home screen, inside Documents.

For more information, click here.

Q: “I’m having trouble downloading the file using the emailed links,” or “When I click on the links I get an error that says ‘you do not have permission to download this file.'”

A: Only one download is available per link. If you get an error, it is likely that you have initiated a download already and it is downloading in the background. Search your entire system for this exact filename: “Yoga_Resource_Practice_Manual.epub” or “Yoga_Resource_Practice_Manual”

If you find the file, proceed with the instructions below. If you do not have the file, please email us at

Q: I only see a .zip file and cannot find the .epub file.

A: If your email program or system has automatically unzipped the .epub file or 
named the file: “,” simply change the suffix to “.epub” Once you locate the file and change the suffix, DO NOT double click on the file. Rather, take note of exactly where it is located on your computer, and open it from within either Calibre or iTunes. If you open iTunes, use “add to library,” and then choose the *.epub file, and it should load into iTunes. From there you can sync it to your iPad.

Q: I ordered the book and still haven’t received the download links.

A: The download links emails is automatically generated from Paypal upon completion of your order.  If the order is marked “pending,” you will not receive the download link emails until your order is complete.  If the order is complete, please check the Junk and Spam folders of the email you supplied to Paypal when ordering the book.


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